I help professionals assess and steer their careers for maximum success and satisfaction.

What I love about coaching is how it helps people find personal insight and make real breakthroughs. Having someone listen intently, ask important questions, and reflect key points back, lets you see your situation more clearly and move yourself forward. What I love about being a coach is how dynamic the process is and how I get to help each person make those personal breakthroughs.

In my own work experience, I’ve seen the opportunities and challenges of working at big companies (Levi Strauss, Sun Microsystems, Gap Inc.) and smaller ones, like a solar power company (Borrego Energy). I’ve survived layoffs and I’ve been laid off. I’ve had good bosses and bad bosses. One thing I’ve learned is that you need to own your own career and not expect the company you’re working for to take care of you. If you don’t know your priorities or have your own plan, you may be caught off guard when the company’s priorities change.

Through my coaching practice, I help people focus their career vision and evaluate their progress towards it, then make changes in their current job, or look for a new job, to create a more satisfying, long-term fit.

David Edwards, MSW, ACC